The Mad Priest: Jesus has returned – it’s official

Quoting from CNS NEWS, the Mad Priest posts:

minns Marriage means one man and one woman – and everything else falls short of God’s standard, according to the Rt. Rev. Martyn Minns, bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Virginia.

“There are values that I believe are universal and unchanging and are at the heart of what we are as human beings.”

He then adds:

COMMENT: As you all know, I’m a Bible-based Christian and I’m absolutely certain that it says somewhere that Jesus told us that the only person who has seen the Father and who knows his mind is the Son (Jesus). So, as Jesus never mentioned anything about same sex marriage then for Bishop Minns to state the above categorically he must, logically, as he’s such a Bible believing Christian, be the Son of God. Jesus has returned, Alleluia!

Source: Of course, I could be wrong…: jesus has returned – it’s official

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One Response to The Mad Priest: Jesus has returned – it’s official

  1. Melanie says:

    I think you are correct in stating the Jesus never said anything about same sex marriage. When He talked to me in 2006 he had a lot to talk about but he didN’t have anything to say on Gay Marriage. It does say however in Luke , verse 1:1? “God hates Fags.” Or did the Romans insert that. Besides killing Jews, they were also gay bashers.

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