My my says the Trentonian about “High Minded Progressives”

image_thumb[2]Someone at the Trentonian, presumably the editor, doesn’t like liberals or “progressives.” But the writer makes an important point that will resonate among both supporters and opponents of the Park51/Cordoba/Mosque-near-Ground-Zero/Community Center project. And yes, we should say alleged slumlord for now.

It turns out, according to Union City municipal officials — and to tenants in a position to know — that “Ground Zero” Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is a slumlord. Local officials are asking a court to appoint a custodial receivership for the imam’s apartment building which allegedly is rife with ignored health and safety violations.

My, my. Doesn’t this put our high-minded progressives in a pickle! They’ve been supporting the imam against what they describe as a tidal wave of Islamophobia. And how could they not, given his inclination to fault America as the major source of all the world’s problems? But do our high-minded progressives (formerly known as knee-jerk liberals) go on supporting the imam even if he’s — shudder! — a slumlord?

It is even a problem for conservative supporters and liberal opponents. Yes, there are some.


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