One of Andrew Sullivan’s Readers Wrote

And Andrew published it on his site:

As chair of a religious studies department, I can speak with a little authority on this topic. I think Hertzberg’s rather romantic statement – like Frances Widdowson’s more cynical statement on Canada’s national broadcaster this weekend (she called the Qur’an a book just like any other book) – fails to recognize the uniqueness of the Qur’an, theologically speaking.  It is scripture par excellence – the literal word of God (not necessarily subject exclusively to literal interpretation).  And as such, each and every manifestation of it is itself sacred. No one is free to treat as cavalierly as most Christians could treat the Bible if they wished. Nobody was ever offended by the fact that the Bible I used for university courses is dog-eared and dirty, but my many Muslim students treated them with a fair degree of care.

So to burn the Qur’an is to cut deep.

It is significant, so read the rest of the posting here: Merely A Copy, Ctd – The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

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