More Comparing PZ Myers to Gainesville Pastor Terry Jones

Andrew Sullivan in The Daily Dish in The Atlantic reminds us that PZ Myers is “The Other Terry Jones.” He even provides a link to Myers, “The Great Desecration” posting in his Pharyngula blog. PZ Myers is a university professor and a particularly extremist type among the so-called New Atheists.

Here is a sample from that link:

However, inspired by an old woodcut of Jews stabbing the host, I thought of a simple, quick thing to do: I pierced it [the consecrated communion wafer or host stolen during a Catholic Mass] with a rusty nail (I hope Jesus’s tetanus shots are up to date). And then I simply threw it in the trash, followed by the classic, decorative items of trash cans everywhere, old coffeegrounds and a banana peel. My apologies to those who hoped for more, but the worst I can do is show my unconcerned contempt. By the way, I didn’t want to single out just the cracker, so I nailed it to a few ripped-out pages from the Qur’an and The God Delusion. They are just paper. Nothing must be held sacred.


Here is the full article on PZ Myers blog: The Great Desecration : Pharyngula

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