Pastor Terry Jones and PZ Myers. Two of a kind.

Jarrett Rush, writing in the Dallas Morning News Opinion blog, makes an interesting point:

Lots of talk this morning and today about Pastor Terry Jones and Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, where there is a planned burning of the Quran on Saturday as a commemoration of the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

First, it’s a stupid and offensive thing to do, and nothing good can come of it. But what I really wonder about is how Gen. David Petraeus heard about it and why he felt the need to comment on it. This is a church that has 50 members. I can’t imagine that this event was making much of a ripple in the Muslim world prior to the general saying something. And, who knows, it may not be making a ripple now. But it seems if he would have let this event go by uncommented on then it would have passed with very little notice.

Do you remember PZ Myers? He took a consecrated host that had been stolen from a Catholic church at his instigation, nailed it to a copy of the Quran, and threw it in the trash along with some coffee grounds. PZ Myers, himself a fundamentalist atheist, acted just as stupidly and offensively as Pastor Terry Jones. The world barely noticed.


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