New Poll Shows Most Believe Mosque Near Ground Zero Is Inappropriate

A new poll indicates a majority of Americans take a dim view of the idea of a mosque and Islamic cultural center two blocks from where the World Trade Center once stood.

The CBS News poll shows 72-percent say building a mosque so close to the site is inappropriate, while 22 percent say it is acceptable.

Those who have a favorable opinion of Islam are more likely to view the mosque as appropriate.

People with an unfavorable view of Islam have a decidedly negative opinion of the proposal.

Still, nearly seven out of ten agree that the developers do have a right to build a mosque at that location.

Overall, the poll indicates 24 percent of Americans have a favorable impression of Islam, while 39 percent expressed an unfavorable opinion.

Some 37 percent don’t have an opinion of the religion.

The poll was conducted by telephone among a random sample of 1082 adults across the U.S.

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