From On Faith at the Washington Post: A Voice of Reason

BECAUSE IT NEEDS TO BE READ: Mansoor Ijaz is a “voice of reason” among the name callers and bigots on both sides of this “increasingly polarizing debate.”

I am an American by birth, a Muslim by faith and a New Yorker at heart — I’ve lived and breathed the vibrancy of that greatest city in the world for more than 25 years. Educated at Harvard and MIT and blessed with a Wall Street career that has lasted nearly three decades, I can truly say I have lived the American dream.

A defender of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, I have worked for 20 years to strengthen our democracy by creating a legitimate role and voice for millions of American Muslims. I am an American first, and then a Muslim. I negotiated Sudan’s offer of counterterrorism assistance to the Clinton administration in 1996 when Osama bin Laden, Ayman Zawahiri and their Muslim Brotherhood followers were still a manageable threat. I reached compromise with the most virulent of Muslim extremists in Kashmir in the summer of 2000 to bring about a comprehensive ceasefire there with Indian security forces. And I helped our government unravel the illicit nuclear arms bazaar of Pakistani scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan from 2000 until he confessed in February 2004. In short, I know every kind of Muslim — radical, modern, activist, pacifist, terrorist and most of all, the hypocrites. I know what they want, how they intend to get it and why they use the methods they do to achieve their goals.

To many of my fellow Americans, my record in dealing with Islam’s many faces made me a lonely voice of reason in the vast sea of darkness that has engulfed Muslim believers since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. To those who considered themselves Muslim first while living in America, I became an "Uncle Abdullah" — an apologist living among infidels who sought to appease them rather than practice our faith strictly. This criticism, it turns out, was leveled by Muslims who were the worst of Islam’s hypocrites because they sought to exploit America’s freedoms while planning its destruction.

That is why I can say it is wrong to erect one of Islam’s most sacred symbols — a mosque — anywhere near Ground Zero.

Cordoba House, as the Ground Zero Islamic Center is to be named, should not be cast as an issue of religious tolerance in America, or the right of American Muslims to build a mosque. It should be cast as a question first of American Muslim responsibility in fixing what has gone wrong inside Islam. Muslims living in America should make clear to their fellow Americans that they understand the cultural and emotional wounds left open by the terrorist attacks.

Neither Cordoba House’s detractors nor its supporters understand this central point in the increasingly polarizing debate.

Read the full story on the Washington Post website: Guest Voices: US Muslims should be American first – On Faith at

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2 Responses to From On Faith at the Washington Post: A Voice of Reason

  1. Tony Ryals says:

    The truth is Mansoor Ijaz is too closely connected to a series of U.S. blunders in Africa as well as the Middle East including Pakistan at or around the same time Daniel Pearl was murdered.In fact he provided Pearl with the contacts who kidknapped him in the first place.It is only his Washington,D.C. contacts and many political connections and donations that have kept him from beinfg investigated in the U.S.and UK,etc. for stock fraud of which Crescent Hydropolis is just one example.And yes he and ex CIA James Woolsey do have their tentacles in New York among other places and have a hedge fund also with Crescent in the title to indicate what good Muslims they are.It should be closed and investigated as well but Mayor Bloomberg encourages this sort of fraud and money laundering in NY just as the UK encourages far right stock fraudsters operating on the London Stock Exchange.

    Asra Nomani was all ego about her too small a role in the Daniel Pearl beheading movie starring Angelina Jolie as Pearl’s wife Mariane..Ha.And she sends her Georgetown students on a wild chase for facts surrounding the death of her former friend and WSJ reporter colleague that she herself could go a long way to reveal in my opinion in answering. I’m sorry to say my former Congressman and now CIA Chief,Leon Panetta ,with his connections to NY Judge Alvin Hellerstein(of 9/11 Israeli ICTS International cover up fame),who has stonewalled the release of CIA documents re Daniel Pearl in my opinion,sghould go ahead and release them.(Leon please prove me wrong !).
    Is Asra Nomani, like her CIA and James Woolsey connected Moslem member in the faith, Mansoor Ijaz, a closet supporter of the Israeli apartheid police state ? As a former WSJ or Wall Street Journal journalist who should know
    something about stock fraud,is Asra Nomani in favor of the many stock fraud money laundering ops of Mansoor Ijaz and his ex CIA Chief pal James Woolsey of which Crescent Hydropolis that ripped off investors with Dubai aid by fraudulently claiming to build an underwater hotel in Dubai and elsewhere ??
    And what does Asra Nomani think about Mansoor Ijaz’s role in connecting Daniel Pearl up with those who took his life in Pakistan ?And why did Daniel Pearl not go to Israel that would have been a safer place for him as an Israeli to navigate in and ask the proper Israeli authorities why Richard Reid ‘the shoe bomber’ was allowed to enter Israel by way of Israel’s ICTS International protected or controlled Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam even though he supposedly told them his reason for flying to Israel was to visit his presumed contacts at Hamas ?!Would Israel allow
    me to fly to Israel to visit ‘my friends’ at Hamas they way Richard Reid the bomber was !¡?I don’t think soooo…

    As regards the NY Mosque,it obviously would have to be funded by the very Arab royalty and right wing elite who all played some role,along with Americans in government and Israelis in 9/11(Don’t you agree?).
    Will they provide a space for facts related to 9/11 to be displayed even if they may be shameful to the Arab royal elite that the U.S.government and Israel are allied with ? Such as Sheikh Mohamad Al Rashid Maktoum’s Dubai and its role in sending that $100,000 or so from Pakistani and ISI General Ahmed associate Kalid Sheikh Mohamed to Mohamed Atta in Venice,Florida at the Jeb Bush-Wally Hilliard connected Huffman Aviation ? (Maybe that’s why W Bush was so keene to give Dubai control of U.S.ports
    and when that didn’t seem popular to quietly give him 20% ownership of NASDAQ.
    Or maybe it was just more convenient for international right wing elite to locate part of NASDAQ to Dubai for their money laundering needs.)
    Or theSaudi princess and Ambassador’s wife who gabe aid and comfort on purpose or not to San Diego based Saudi 9/11 terrorists ? Or Kuwait Al Sabah royalty’s role in KuAm or Securacom with Marvin Bush had a role in guarding Dulles Airport as well as the WTC on or around 9/11? And we all know the Kuwait royalty loved Saddam Hussein…….
    And of course NY Judge Alvin Hellerstein with his undisclosed and ethical and legal conflicts of interest
    who has protected ICTS International of convicted(in Israel),money launderer Menachem Atzmon
    as well as Marvin Bush Al Sabah role in Securacom etc., should get honorable mention at your Islamic
    9/11 holocaust museum…….

    I rarely if never agree with Billy Graham’s Right Reverend ‘Christian’ wingnut son,Franklin Graham.However I agree entirely with his statement below that freedom of religion in America entails an obligation on the part of religionists to
    respect the right of separation of church and state.I belive the if America’s founderers who wrote the U.S.
    Constitution could have foretold the future they would have surely added SEPARATION OF MOSQUE AND SYNAGOGUE AND STATE along with their request for separation of church and state.Don’t you ?
    Oh the Netherlands or Dutch scumbag Geert Wilders who is coming to NY on 9/11 to curse the mosque has 911 skelton in his closet as well – he KNOWS that ICTS International Israelis who allowed those two planes that the U.S.government alledges hit the WTC on 9/11/01to take off from Logan Boston in the first place are operating or controlling Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and allowed the Nigerian ‘crotch bomber’ to board flight 253 for Detroit this past Christmas,December 25,2009.Geert Wilders knows who guardred Logan on 911 AND THAT THEY ARE ALSO STOCK CRIMINALS AND MONEY LAUNDERERS YET HE REMAINS QUIET ABOUT IT AND GIVES THEM AID AND COMFORT IN THE NETHERLANDS…So he is glad folks died at ground zero on 9/11 and thanks to America’s controlled media will land here as some kind of ‘anti-islamic terrorism’ hero ! Sick..
    NYC imam’s goodwill tour comes amid mosque furor fJtUTAD9HNFORO0

    By RACHEL ZOLL (AP) – 7 hours ago

    NEW YORK – The furor over the planned mosque and Islamic center near
    ground zero has put Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf in a curious position: At
    the same time he is being vilified in the U.S. for spearheading the
    project, he is traveling the Mideast on a State Department mission as
    a symbol of American religious freedom.

    Some of the imam’s American critics said they fear he is using the
    taxpayer-funded trip to raise money and rally support in the Muslim
    world for the mosque.

    “I think there is no place for this,” said the Rev. Franklin Graham,
    who is the son of evangelist Billy Graham and opposes the Islamic
    center and mosque. “Can you imagine if the State Department paid to
    send me on a trip anywhere? The separation of church and state – the
    critics would have been howling.”

    At his first event Friday in the Persian Gulf state of Bahrain, Rauf
    refused to discuss the uproar over plans for the community center two
    blocks from the World Trade Center site. State Department spokesman
    P.J. Crowley has said Rauf understands that he cannot solicit funds
    for the project on his 15-day tour.

    The $100 million, 13-story project is modeled after the YMCA and
    Jewish Community Center. Rauf and his wife, Daisy Khan, a co-leader of
    the project, have a long record of interfaith outreach and insist the
    center will promote moderate Islam…….

    Associated Press Writer Hasan Jamali contributed to this report from
    Manama, Bahrain.

    Copyright © 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.


    9/11,Daniel Pearl,Barack Obama,Joe Biden,Pakistan General
    Ahmad,Mansoor Ijaz,WSJ,Asra Nomani,ICTS Israel, Crescent
    Hydropolis,Fox News,Stock Fraud and Bloody Murder
    by Tony Ryals -general-ahmadmansoor-ijazwsjasra-nomaniicts-israel-cres

    ………sadly Daniel Pearl’s Zionist father Judea Pearl uses his death for pro
    Zionist propaganda purposes while both Mariane Pearl and Asra Nomani remain
    silent and allow him to do so.And finally on that subject for now, one
    of Asra Nomani’s Georgewtown University students,to her good credit
    and bravery,paid a visit to the very man(and suspect in his death) who
    led police toDaniel Pearl’s body – living in Florida ! How in
    heil,post 911,and after failing to arrest him with Saeed Sheik in
    Pakistan after Pearl’s beheading is such a person allowed to enter and
    travel the U.S. from Pakistan at will when even innocent Americans end
    up on the U.S. government’s terrorist list and can’t get themselves
    off !?

    One could write a large article or several,I already have,listing Fox
    News’ experts who at present or the past who have run penny stock
    frauds and money laundering operations.Ollie or Oliver North and his
    supposed bullet proof vests of the late 1980s and 1990s comes to mind
    that laundering his illegal profits and thefts from American investors
    in Costs Rica or even Saudi and CIA connected BCCI money laundering
    arms dealing bank of Pakistan.And there is Fox News Middle East expert
    and Bill Clinton’s Jewish Ambassador to Morrocco,Marc Ginsberg,who has
    been part of the U.S. incorporated money laundering stock fraud called
    Xybernaut with various Israeli government connected criminals while
    simultaneously pretending to be a credible source on Middle East
    affairs all with a pro Israel bias.And of course there is Mansoor Ijaz
    and Crescent Hydropolis an illegal pump and dump fraud on the LSE or
    London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market(AIM)that claimed
    to build underwater in hotels in Dubai,Oman,Las Vegas, etc..
    That money laundering operation included – besides Mansoor Ijaz –
    ex CIA Chief James Woolsey and U.S. Lt.Generals James Alan Abrahamson
    and Tom McInerney as I mentioned previously.

    Nomani, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, and Barbara Feinman
    Todd, an associate dean at Georgetown, created a journalism seminar in
    2007 to investigate Pearl’s death and write the story that he was
    reporting when he was kidnapped. They also wanted to learn more about
    terrorist cells, counterterrorism efforts and the complicated
    relationship between the United States and Pakistan.
    In the early days of the class, Nomani told the students of her
    longtime friendship with Pearl, a musician who hung out with her in
    Adams Morgan bars after work in the 1990s. She asked the students, a
    mix of undergraduates and graduates, to talk about their own memories
    of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.
    The class immediately felt different — more emotional, weightier,
    students said. “We weren’t sitting in front of a textbook reading
    about Danny Pearl’s case,” said Erin Delmore, a 2008 graduate. “We
    were in it, head-first in it.”

    Journalists acquainting themselves with Pakistan usually come to
    Karachi last or don’t come, period. I’d resolved to be among the
    latter category, after Benazir Bhutto advised that Karachi was “so
    dangerous.” I changed my mind after several weeks testing calmer
    Pakistani waters and convincing myself that former prime ministers
    don’t know anything – typical journalist thinking, when a story’s
    good. Danny, however, came here first. He was after Muslim militants,
    and Karachi is their Rome. Besides, an old friend from the Journal was
    soon to arrive. Her name was Asra Nomani.
    Asra, who’d been at the Journal since 1988, was a Dow Jones original.
    For starters, she was an Indian-born Muslim from Morgantown, West
    Virginia, where her father helped found the first mosque. And
    corporate America, Asra wasn’t: in January 2000 she took a leave to
    write a book about Tantra.
    She’d been conducting her research from India. Shortly after 9/11,
    however, appointed her its Central Asia correspondent and
    she later took a house in Karachi, a fact that almost certainly did
    not go unnoticed by Pakistan’s ISI, which keeps tabs on foreign
    journalists, particularly those from India, who are presumed, ipso
    facto. spies… -The Journalist and The Terrorist By Robert Sam
    Anson,Vanity Fair, August 2002

  2. Tony Ryals says:

    What Was Daniel Pearl Doing In Pakistan?
    On the line that morning was Mansoor Ijaz, founder and chairman of Crescent …. Asra Nomani, who was living with Daniel Pearl and his wife Mariane at the …

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