Archbishop of York: Religion Being Marginalized in Name of Tolerance

Jenna Lyle in the Christian Post:

LONDON – Religion is being removed from public life in Britain under the guise of tolerance, the Archbishop of York has warned.

Delivering the inaugural City of Peace lecture to Newcastle City Council Wednesday night, Dr. John Sentamu warned that tolerance was in danger of becoming a “negative virtue” resulting in “narrowness” and “oppression.”

“Tolerance has become a restricting quality – a grudging ‘putting up with’ rather that a positive means of building a caring, peaceful society,” he said. “The problem with this is that it does not give us the means of voicing and dealing constructively with differences."

Full article: Religion Being Marginalized in Name of Tolerance, Warns Anglican Leader |

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1 Response to Archbishop of York: Religion Being Marginalized in Name of Tolerance

  1. I was marginalized, indeed, disenfranchised in my youth as an Episcopalian, it Salt Lake City, Utah. That disenfranchisement became hostile in 1974. When, a 14 year old boy, finds himself fighting on suburban streets for faith, soul and life, both faith and soul become very ‘real.’

    The institution of ‘Church;’ the Anglican/Episcopal ‘Church’ has been, for me, since 1974. a major disappiontment, as it has failed the faithful. The ‘schism’ of the USA Episcopal Church was so tremendously mishandled. The wholesale lack of respect for the faith of the faithful, shown by both ‘sides,’ I have found appalling. Appalling!
    Indeed, inexscusable, unacceptable. Most Un-Christian.

    I keep my faith and soul intact. I have since 1974, when my faith and soul became the most valuable things that own me.

    I reject the ‘institution’ of the ‘church,’ fully and wholly.
    I reject, any and all, Christian ‘authority’ in all things.
    I rejoice in my personal, spiritual relationship with God. I celebrate my saviour Jesus Christ, who gave me the ‘Good News’ of my personal, spiritual relationshop with God!

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