A Quite Extraordinary Posting on the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams’ Visit to the US

Plus some audio that should be listened to:

Part of the title says so much at Syntheopoiesis: “For Humans, ‘Prodigal’ Is Always in the Eyes of the Beholder: +Rowan Cantuar Visits US, Educates Orthodox and Catholics about ‘Martyrial Ecumenism’”

Let us welcome and rejoice in the expansive image-and-likeness of God. Even when it’s discomforting.

Yet many Orthodox hiss through their insolent lips with immodest bitterness, beat their mercenary breasts with self-righteous claims to the True Faith, remaining diabolically resentful and immovably judgmental. Such is the Pharisaic stance as evidenced by Orthodox malcontent clergy in the USA, . . .

Listen to the erudition of the Most Reverend and Right Honourable Rowan Williams, Archbishop of the Holy See of Canterbury, Primate of the Holy Church of England, who spoke this past week in New York, both with Roman Catholics (representatives of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and Greek Archdiocese were in attendance) and at St Vladimir’s Seminary (Orthodox Church in America). Remarkable in both instances:

+Rowan Cantuar to US Roman Catholics and Greeks.

+Rowan Cantuar to the mongrel Orthodox Church in America.

Are we Orthodox the kenotic parent of the Prodigal or the self-consumed sibling ever noting the speck outside whilst denying our own darkness within?

I had the pleasure of squeezing into the room at Rowan Williams’ lecture at St. Vladimir’s Seminary to hear him. Links soon on how to hear or read it.

SYNTHEOPOIESIS † ΣΥΝΘΕΟΠΟΙΗΣΗΣ: Triodion, Second Sunday — For Humans, "Prodigal" Is Always In the Eyes of the Beholder: +Rowan Cantuar Visits the US, Educates Orthodox and Catholics about "Martyrial Ecumenism"

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