The jPad (Jesus Pad)

I was reading about the Apple iPad in Newsweek online when I noticed all the ads for books about Jesus. It looked like automatically generated target advertising by Amazon. Why Jesus? Then I saw this paragraph that David Lyons wrote for the upcoming print edition of Newsweek for February 8, 2010:

What’s wrong, or at least interesting, is why some of us expected so much more from a new gadget. I suspect this is because for some people, myself included, technology has become a kind of religion. We may not believe in God anymore, but we still need mystery and wonder. We need the magic act. Five centuries ago Spanish missionaries put shiny mirrors in churches to dazzle the Incas and draw them to Christianity. We, too, want to be dazzled by shiny new objects. Our iPhones not only play music and make phone calls, but they also have become totemic objects, imbued with techno-voodoo. Maybe that sounds nuts, but before the iPad was announced, people were calling it the "Jesus tablet."

The reference to Jesus is from David Carr of the New York Times who described the iPad as "the second coming of the iPhone, a so-called Jesus tablet that can do anything, including saving some embattled print providers from doom."

Has religious metaphor been adopted by techno-journalists?  Why the iPad is a Letdown –

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One Response to The jPad (Jesus Pad)

  1. Ted DRAKE says:

    It’s a continuation of the jesusPhone. The iPhone garnered so much praise when released that the tech pundits jokingly referred to it as the jesusPhone. Now we have the jesusPad.

    You don’t need to read that much into the name.

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