Anti-Gay Group Outnumbered By Counter-Protesters

WMUR Manchester reporting:

CONCORD, N.H. — Members of a Kansas group advocating hatred of gays were far outnumbered by counter-protesters outside Concord High School on Monday.

The group the Westboro Baptist Church had planned a demonstration against New Hampshire’s new same-sex marriage law. Only three members of the group appeared outside Concord High School, where they were met by students, staff and members of the community. . . .

After the high school event, the group members moved to Concord City Hall, where marriage licenses are issued. One member admitted their tactics aren’t likely to convert people to their way of thinking, but he said that’s not their goal.

"It’s to warn all of these people back here to repent or they will perish," said group member Charles Hockenbarger.

Outside the office of New Hampshire’s openly gay Episcopal bishop, police had to turn back a person armed with a squirt gun and another person got too close to one of the group members. But overall, it remained peaceful, and those who lined the sidewalks said they believe a strong message was sent back to Kansas. . . .

After protesting outside the bishop’s administrative offices, the members of the group said they were heading home.

Anti-Gay Group Outnumbered By Counter-Protesters – New Hampshire News Story – WMUR Manchester

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