Anglicans, beware! – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Donald Collins, in a letter to the Editor of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Having been married by an Anglican bishop, I could not but be surprised by the apparent claim of superior morality, under the rubric of greater unity with Anglicans, in the surprise attack by the Vatican welcoming disaffected Anglicans. Doubtless the Vatican plans to use its usual recruitment tools: gay marriage, abortion and the appointment in the U.S. of an openly gay Episcopal bishop.

Hey, be gone if you wish, Anglicans, but remember this is the same outfit whose priests widely abused its choirboys and other young men with great public remorse and far less internal action, a morality exemplified by Cardinal Roger Mahony, archbishop of Los Angeles, who flouts the rule of law by welcoming and sequestering illegal aliens to expand his flagging Caucasian membership.

Of course, family planning is a no-no. And women priests? Never!

If you like a hard-core, dictatorial, pyramidal hierarchy, this new destination will be right up your alley.

Donald A. Collins

Washington, D.C.

Anglicans, beware! – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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2 Responses to Anglicans, beware! – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

  1. Eric says:

    I don’t suppose you’ve seen this yet – it’s quite funny

  2. SjB says:


    I ran across something that seems very applicable to the news of the RC move to open it’s doors to the Anglicans. It is this paper on Amazon (not available at this time):

    The pastoral and political implications of Trent on justification: A response to the ARCIC agreed statement Salvation and the church (Unknown Binding) by ~ C. FitzSimons Allison (Author)

    I hope all of those who have influence in the church will get copies of it. It would be great to see if someone could print it online somewhere… it might help people find stability amidst all of the uncertainty of these difficult days.

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