S.C. Episcopalians nearing vote

Post and Courier in Charleston:

In the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina, concerns over the recent actions taken in July at the General Convention, and over matters of Scripture, polity and authority, have prompted diocese officials to call for a special Oct. 24 convention at which five resolutions will be considered.

Resolution No. 2 calls on Bishop Mark Lawrence and the Standing Committee "to begin withdrawing from all bodies of The Episcopal Church that have assented to actions contrary to Holy Scripture, the doctrine, discipline and worship of Christ as this Church has received them."

Opinions about this and other proposals and statements made by diocese officials vary. Some say the diocese doesn’t go far enough; others say a withdrawal from the national church is unnecessary. Lawrence said any withdrawal that might be approved does not constitute a break from the church but, rather, a "protest of conscience." The Post and Courier’s Adam Parker posed several questions in writing to Bishop Lawrence.

Here are the questions and answers:

Q: In a nutshell, what is your view of the relationship between the diocese and the Episcopal Church?

A: In a nutshell — a strained detente!

Read the rest of the Q and A: S.C. Episcopalians nearing vote The Post and Courier – Charleston SC newspaper

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