The Latest in Bus Ads: Islamic Ads in San Francisco

Friendly Atheist, Hemant Mehta writes:

Well, I guess the atheist bus ad strategy is catching on. Though someone was definitely not thinking strategically in this case.

Not only are there now bus ads for Islam, they’re appearing on buses in San Francisco…


Two immediate thoughts:

First of all, I better not hear of any atheist protesting those signs being allowed on the buses. If we want our ads on buses, we need to support free speech for them, too.

Secondly, that sign is *so* ineffective. Atheists are clearly much better at designing catchy, welcoming, pleasant bus advertising :) Good for us.

Not only that, but if you go to the website in question, the gay people in San Francisco will be happily enlightened, I’m sure:

More: Islamic Bus Ads in San Francisco | Friendly Atheist by Hemant Mehta

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