The Anglican Buddhist Bishop

James Ford, a Unitarian Universalist minister, the senior minister of the First Unitarian Church of Providence, Rhode Island and a long time Zen practitioner ordained as a Soto Zen priest, one of the guiding teachers for the Boundless Way Zen project where he serves as school abbot writes:

The Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan has just elected as their new bishop the Reverend Kevin Thew Forrester, a person who has committed to walking the twin way of Anglican Christianity and Zen Buddhism. The stories I’ve found all allude to his having taken "lay ordination" in Zen Buddhism. Which means he has taken the sixteen Bodhisattva precepts from the Soto Zen priest, Sensei Shoken Winecoff. It does not mean he has clerical status within the Zen sangha, which appears to be a concern among some Episcopalians. But that misunderstanding notwithstanding the very idea of a Buddhist Christian bishop has stirred up quite a brouhaha…

. . . But, my goodness, this does just so warm my heart.

Full posting at Monkey Mind: The Anglican Buddhist Bishop

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