African Church leaders lobby British Government to help end LRA crisis in Sudan

Episcopal News Service:

Anglican church leaders from the Sudan, Uganda and the north eastern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo have sent a petition to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown appealing for his government’s assistance in ending the brutal attacks by the so-called Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

In their letter, the leaders, whose churches have been affected since December 2008 by repeated LRA attacks that have claimed thousands of lives and forced many more to flee their homes, called on the British government "to put diplomatic pressure on the LRA leaders, leaders in Sudan, Uganda and Congo, and leaders of the U.N. peacekeeping missions … to do more to bring an end to the brutal attacks on unarmed civilians by the LRA, which have seen many Congolese and Sudanese towns swamped with refugees and displaced people since December."

The letter was signed by Archbishop Daniel Deng of the Episcopal Church of Sudan, Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi of the Anglican Church of Uganda, and Bishop George Ande of the Congolese Diocese of Aru.

More: Episcopal Life Online – NEWS

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One Response to African Church leaders lobby British Government to help end LRA crisis in Sudan

  1. Grace says:

    I’m just a young girl from Australia and have been reading all about the LRA it makes me sick to think what they are doing and for how long this has been going on. My prays go out to all who are suffering this terrible war. It must, it has to stop soon.

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