Anglican Diocese of Ottawa to defy ban and perform same-sex blessings

Charles Lewis, National Post, is reporting:

The Diocese of Ottawa has said it will perform same-sex blessings, becoming the first Canadian Anglican diocese to make such a move since a ban was imposed on the practice by the international church.

The diocese said it is developing a liturgy and protocol for the rite and once they are created it will start performing the ceremonies for gay couples on a limited basis. But critics of same-sex blessings say those steps will widen the schism in the Canadian church.

In 2004, the worldwide church called for a moratorium on the rite after the Diocese of New Westminster in British Columbia struck out on its own and began performing same-sex blessings. That move was considered a seminal event that led to the Canadian split.

But Archdeacon Ross Moulton of Ottawa said what his diocese is doing does not violate the moratorium because performing the ceremonies will help the diocese understand whether it is the right path to take.

Full story: Anglican diocese to defy ban, perform same-sex blessings

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One Response to Anglican Diocese of Ottawa to defy ban and perform same-sex blessings

  1. Cam says:

    This furthers the divide between Anglicans and Catholics and assures that ecumenical platforms such as the Anglican/Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC) will be of no fruitful benefit. Everyone knows this is not discernment, but another example of far- left extremists highjacking the Anglican Communion. It smacks of a ‘we-know-what’s-best-‘ attitude and therefore shuts down any meaningful dialogue within the Communion and we Catholics.

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