Bishop Alan is exactly right (again)

Bishop Alan Wilson:

Before Darwin (1859), everyone took the whole Bible literally, yes? Yes and No. They read it in all sorts of interesting ways. From at least the time of John Cassian (c360-435), Christians read the Bible (1) literally, (2) allegorically, (3) morally and (4) anagogically. Nicholas of Lyra used to teach his students at the Sorbonne in the fourteenth century a ditty to help them remember this:

Littera gesta docet
Quid credas allegori,
moralis quid agas,
Quo tendas anagogia

which being translated means:

Literal teaches what happened,
Allegorical what you believe,
Moral what you should do,
Anagogical where you’re going

But they believed Genesis literally before Darwin, didn’t they?

Read the entire posting at Bishop Alan’s Blog: Reading the Bible 101

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