Religion and Science

E.E. Evans has a good posting at GetReligion. I recommend it:

In this year of anniversaries and celebrations, dead scientists like Darwin and Galileo are getting their due. Live ones, like the atheist former Oxford don Richard Dawkins, attract media attention pretty much every time he opens his mouth or slings a godforsaken poster on a bus.

But what of the scientists with strong Christian faith currently building bridges, quietly or outspokenly, between the religious and scientific community? We don’t hear much about them, do we?

These men (interesting that reporters don’t seem to dig for faithful women scientists) are the subject of a lengthy and well-written article in a recent Harvard Divinity Bulletin.

There are few hiccups here, but they seem minor when one thinks that the topic is so undercovered.

Full posting: Got news? A new “climate” for God and science » GetReligion

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