The Bus Ad Wars

Eugene E. Cho, on his blog writes:

My Thoughts:  I don’t think Christians need to go crazy and/or “up in arms” but see this simply as a wonderful entrance into conversation and culture.  I know that some may think the money could have been used by the Christian groups [who have been buying opposing ads] for “better” things.  And there are certainly other things but there’s always others things.  The bus ads – from what I’ve read – have sparked numerous conversations that typically would not have taken place. They should actually be thanking the Atheist groups.  I see this as good cultural engagement -> leading to what I hope to many conversations -> leading to the Church in the UK going deeper in their commitment to Loving God and Loving People -> and Living That Out.

My Thoughts, Also. I am delighted with the Atheist bus ads. The best response is not to oppose them with contrary ads or do anything to try to prevent them. Anything that leads to thinking and conversation should be welcomed by Christians.

Full posting at the atheist vs christian bus: war or conversation? « beauty and depravity

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