State Department on on human rights in China

Ethan Cole, Christian Post:

In stark contrast to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s softer remarks on China’s human rights, the US State Department report reveals sharp criticism of the eastern superpower over rights violations ranging from religious repression to extrajudicial killings.

The report, which was mainly drafted during President George W Bush’s administration, covers 2008. It noted a spike in rights repression around the time of last summer’s Beijing Olympics, including the massive crackdown on Tibetan freedom protesters.

"The government of China’s human rights record remained poor and worsened in some areas," the 2008 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices states, according to CNN.

Chinese authorities "committed extrajudicial killings and torture, coerced confessions of prisoners and used forced labour", it specifies.

Moreover, the Chinese Government is accused of “severe cultural and religious repression” of minorities and harassment of dissidents and activists.

China has expressed anger at the criticism, calling the accusations groundless and charging Washington with interfering in the country’s internal affairs.

Full article: US State Department slams China on human rights

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