Please Pray for Anna

          ANNA’S STORY (Visit Caring Bridge for More Information)

anna Anna is the granddaughter of one of our parishioners at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Tuckahoe. 

She is a sweet, smart, funny 4 year old who loves all things princess and Dora. Anna loves playgrounds, swimming in her pool and seeing her friends. She also loves to party and dance! We’re not biased, but she’s smart! She already knows all her letters, sounds and can spell and read a few words. Her memory for things is amazing!!!

As you all know, Anna has been diagnosed with cancer. The type she has is Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She was having recurrent fevers and complained of stomach pain for about 3 weeks, on and off in August. When her pediatrician ordered bloodwork, there were problems with it, and he sent us to the emergency room. We spent a long, tortured day in the emergency room, and then got the horrible news.

TRANSPLANT DAY!!  – -  from a Good Samaritan donor in Germany

We found out that Anna will be getting her cells around noon , and they will be infused over about 4 hours. She knows she is getting some special ‘blood’ (b/c that is what it will look like to her), but doesn’t seemed interested in knowing much more than that!
We will update again this evening. Thank you for being ‘with’ us today and for praying that this is the cure.

CaringBridge. Free Websites That Support And Connect Loved Ones During Critical Illness.

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One Response to Please Pray for Anna

  1. Br. Jay says:

    I am praying for you all. Please keep us informed.

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