Christopher Hitchens: foolish, but admirably brave

Rod Dreher, the Crunchy Con:

Gamboling around Beirut with Michael Totten and my friend Jonathan Foreman, Christopher Hitchens saw a stylized swastika on a poster for a Syrian neo-fascist party (chiefly Orthodox Christians, I regret to say), and defaced it. Thus commenced a scary street scene ending with all three getting beat up by thuggish party members.

. . .

Question to the room: was Hitchens’ anti-fascist gesture admirably brave, or reckless and foolish? I say the latter. If he wants to get himself killed by making a romantic gesture like that, fine (and it would still be foolish, but admirably brave). But he put the lives of his two friends at risk.

Full post: Arab Orthodox fascists vs. Hitch – Crunchy Con

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