Yes, he does. The Mad Priest has too much time on his hands.

It’s a good thing. Posted from GOD, CHRIST: QUESTIONS & FAITH

How much time does it take to read comments in The Guardian article for "Science is just one gene away from defeating religion."  Anyways, I’m glad he found the comment because it continues some recent dialog in this blog on the use of the term militant to describe some atheists. It is a great comment:

First, the Mad Anglican Priest of Tyndale writes:

I just love this comment, made by an IT style atheist, in respect of an article in THE GUARDIAN entitled "Science is just one gene away from defeating religion" (which, as you will guess from the title, is not going to win any prizes for philosophy).

Then there is this comment to sardine from Sajetan:

[Dear] sardine

[as you wrote:] The ones who say things like "I don’t believe in God, but I dislike ‘militant atheists’"….which is a bit of a strange phrase to use because even though there are many many ways of believing in God, surely there is only one way of not believing? So how can there be such a thing as a militant atheist?

Well, for example there are atheists like me who don’t engage in combative arguments on the subject, or try to convert others to my belief. This is because I lack faith in its inherent superiority – the faith that militant atheists have. Likewise, although I don’t believe that Santa flies round distributing presents by magic sledge each Christmas, I don’t seek out 5-year olds to persuade them of the rational improbability of this: "Children, there’s probably no Santa – now stop worrying and enjoy your childhood!"

The Mad Priest has too much time on his hands. (Militant Atheists continued)

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