The Velvet Reformation: a MUST READ for all Anglicans and Episcopalians

rowan Paul Elie’s outstanding Atlantic Monthly essay, the Velvet Reformation on Rowan William, the Archbishop of Canterbury is a must read. It starts off . . .

“Really, I pity him,” a man in the kitchen said in a crisp English accent. “Poor Rowan. He is in an impossible position. He wants to stand with us, I think. But he can’t.”

A West Village apartment; a warm spring evening. In the living room, men and women of middle age nibbled at nuts and flatbreads around a fortepiano. At the kitchen table, a man in a black suit sat signing copies of a book he had written. It was like many a book party in Manhattan’s old-line gay community, except that the author, wearing a scarlet shirt with a clerical collar, was the Right Reverend V. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, and the book was the story of his struggle to become the first openly gay bishop in the Anglican Communion.

The Atlantic Online | March 2009 | The Velvet Reformation | Paul Elie

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