Bill Maher at the Oscars

Rod Dreher writes in a post entitled,  “Bill Maher and the gods that failed:”

Atheist smarty-pants, professional decadent and anti-germ-theory enthusiast Bill Maher remarked at the Oscar ceremony last night:

"Now as a producer and a star of my own documentary this year, the one about religion that didn’t get nominated. I know, it’s a touchy subject. But someday, we all have to confront the notion that our silly gods cost the world too greatly. But there I go, ruining the ending."

I think he’s absolutely right: our silly gods have cost the world too greatly. The God of Hedonism and Sexual Indulgence, whose devoted high priest Bill Maher is, has given us a world of broken marriages, shattered families, the destruction of the traditional family, miserable deaths from AIDS, epidemic teen pregnancy, fatherless children and the social (even criminal) dysfunction that accompanies such, and a younger generation unmoored from sexual sanity.

The God of Money, which rules Wall Street and Washington, has delivered the world to a present and future calamity that will cause suffering not seen in at least a century.

The God of Progress, author of a particular kind of hubris that afflicts us in the West, has cast off the old restraints that made humane life possible despite human nature and the limits inherent in our circumstances, causing us to create the conditions, moral, spiritual and material, that appear to be leading to our collective ruin.

There are more silly gods that have failed us, but you get the idea. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is looking pretty great right about now. The truth Maher may never recognize is not that God has failed us, but that we have failed Him.

Bill Maher and the gods that failed – Crunchy Con

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2 Responses to Bill Maher at the Oscars

  1. Mariano says:

    Considering that being an atheist is just about the hippest thing you could do now a days and that an atheist can literally make a living by expressing their personal prejudice Maher’s should consider if his failure is do to taboo or due to his not being as cleaver or even funny as his considers himself.
    Not to mention that, as reported by Nathan Schneider’s article “Agnostic Machinery” Maher manipulated the interviewees and engaged in selecting editing.

  2. B says:

    LoL, Mariano from the atheism is dead blog is posting everywhere!!!!

    Good post.

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