We have Google in part, thanks to Anti-Semitism

Bruce Tomaso has written an interesting post the The Dallas Morning News’ Religion blog:

brin.jpgI’m reading a history of Google, and learned that one of its co-creators, Sergey Brin (right), was born in Moscow. His mother and father (a space scientist and a math professor, respectively) moved the family to the United States when Sergey was 6, to get away from anti-Semitism in Russia.

Brin later met Larry Page at Stanford University, and the two of them developed the search engine that became the company that has transformed the way mankind uses the Internet.

So if not for Jew-hating Russians, we might all still be stuck with Lycos and AltaVista.

Einstein, of course, came to the United States decades earlier under similar circumstances, fleeing the Nazis, as did many gifted Jewish physicists, chemists, engineers and mathematicians.

Had they stayed in Europe, the United States probably would not have beaten Germany to development of the atomic bomb.

And we’d all be cursing AltaVista in German. Or Japanese.

See RELIGION Blog | The Dallas Morning News

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