Christians Should Love the Atheist Bus Slogans

busbw Royal Hamel is saying what I have been saying, only much better:

When atheists state, "There’s probably no God . . ." they betray a profound uncertainty about their claim that God doesn’t exist.

If I were to say, "There’s probably a Jesus Christ who died for sin, who probably rose from the grave, and who probably ascended to the Father, and who is probably going to return and judge the world"– I would gut my supposed faith. And the "probably" in the atheist slogan does the same to the atheist.

Indeed, some wag has suggested that this particular bus slogan is so harmful to the atheist cause that he wondered if believers in God might have orchestrated the campaign.

The advertisements encourage people to start thinking about God. The person of God, God’s existence or non-existence, God’s linkage to a life that is free from worry and filled with joy . . . all of these thoughts are now out in the open for discussion.

That is very good. Contrary to Richard Dawkins’s assertion made to BBC media that thinking is "anathema to religion," Christians welcome thinking people and openly challenge them to evaluate the evidence before believing.

Actually, Christians owe atheists big time for plastering slogans about God all over the public square — er, the buses anyway. Christians should chill out, and not be so threatened and uptight.

These slogans are like a gift. They give believers a perfect opportunity to speak up. – Opinions – Let atheists have their bus slogans

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