Are Atheists smarter than Theists?

The Atheist Missionary:

I am sure that most readers will be aware of the remarkable difference in incarceration rates between atheists and those who profess to have religious beliefs. Many will also be aware that over 90% of the members of the National Academy of Sciences do not believe in a "personal God" (Sam Harris actually pegged the percentage at 93% in 2006 but the precise figure doesn’t matter). The upshot of statistics like these lead to a very simple but puzzling question: Why are Atheists smarter than Theists?

I would think that a smart person would see the fallacy in this logic. Maybe the author is a theist.

The About Me on the site reads:

I am a Canadian skeptic dedicated to the reasoned and peaceful eradication of religion. The purpose of this blog is to provide a home for those who are fed up with the politically correct approach of affording deference to irrational religious beliefs. My hope is that this space will provide a critical but tolerant forum that will inform atheists and convert theists. Religious zealots should have every right to feel threatened by this blog because your supposed monopoly on morality is coming to an end. Imagine no religion ……. what a wonderful world it would be.

“threatened by this blog”?  Ohhhh—kay!

The Atheist Missionary: Why are Atheists smarter than Theists?

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