I Bet He Secretly Enjoyed the Just Plain Nasty Super Bowl Ads

Anthony Esolen didn’t like the Super Bowl ads. He writes in Mere Comments:

I am watching the Super Bowl as I type this, with the mute button on so that I don’t have to listen to the commercials . . .

In one, a young stubble chinned guy munches on a chip, and presto! a slinky young lady walking down the street is stripped to her black underwear.  Then, presto! bills start shooting out of an ATM machine, and everybody in the street swarms around for the money, in a regular riot.  A policeman steps in, but munch! his uniform falls empty to the street, and a little monkey emerges from it.  So, lust — with the added zest of violent voyeurism  –, avarice, and dehumanization, to sell chips.

. . . What, after all, do the haters of Christianity, who are also the haters of simple human decency, have to do to persuade us that we are not welcome in their midst?  Do they have to go so far as to teach elementary children about sodomy?  If only we were not so comfortable where we are, pretending to evangelize anticultural entities that now exist only to degrade.  Some years ago, an evangelical group called for a mass Exodus by Christians from public schools.  But we do get used to the taste of leeks and onions.  Egypt is darned rich, and the desert is long and empty and dry.

He kept watching them and he could not have written this with the mute button on, as he tells us.  What a sacrifice he made in order file this Victorian report. Come on, did you smile just once. Touchstone Magazine – Mere Comments: Just Plain Nasty

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