Another Type of Christian Radio

Jim Naughton comments in The Lead

The sixth-rated radio station in the Washington D. C. market is a tiny shop run by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Is there a lesson in this for the Episcopal Church? Heck, is there a lesson in this for Episcopal Cafe? Read about WGTS in The Washington Post:

Ever since the radio industry changed the way it tracks listening trends a few weeks ago, little WGTS — a noncommercial station that plays Christian pop music — has become one of the most popular on Washington’s airwaves.

Last month, according to audience-rating firm Arbitron, WGTS ranked sixth among the region’s 40 or so radio stations. That means WGTS had a larger audience (about 20,000 listeners per hour, on average) than Washington’s biggest rock station (DC 101), the top country station (WMZQ-FM) and the leading oldies outfit (WBIG-FM). It beat sports talk, classical music and conservative political talk stations, too.

See The Lead

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  1. I loved finding this story. It’s truly one I wish to come back to

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