It’s that time of year: Christians urged to boycott retailers banning Christmas

 AH, THAT CONSUMERISM SPIRIT: Lawrence Jones of the Christian Post writes:

There’s a war on Christmas and Christians are drawing up the battlelines.

Christian groups who feel that Christmas is slowly disappearing from the public square have launched a campaign against retailers who ban "Christmas" references from their holiday advertising.

Liberty Counsel, a conservative Christian legal group, this week announced its sixth annual "Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign", pledging to be a "friend" to businesses that recognise Christmas and a "foe" to those that censor the December 25 holiday.

The Florida-based organisation has compiled a "Naughty and Nice" list based on how "Christmas-friendly" retailers are. Christians are encouraged to shop at "nice" retailers that honor Christmas and shun "naughty" companies that don’t.

The American Family Association, which reaches 2.5 million members, has also released a similar list to advise its supporters on where to shop this Christmas. The conservative organisation combed through print ads, radio spots and websites by top retailers to make the list.

A few companies that made the "Nice" category on both lists included Bed Bath & Beyond, Family Dollar, Macy’s and Wal-Mart.

The Office Depot, CVS Pharmacy and Gap were some stores that both lists had labelled as "Naughty".

But the two lists also categorised a few companies in opposite categories.

Liberty Counsel, which features a more extensive list, had placed Best Buy under the "Nice" group of retailers for featuring “Guaranteed Christmas Delivery" on its website and selling gift cards for Christmas.

The pro-family AFA on the other hand had awarded Best Buy its top SCROOGE Award for publishing a 2008 "Holiday Gift Guide" that reportedly avoids Christmas and refers to Christmas in an online survey as "this holiday".

Up until recently, both groups had considered Home Depot an enemy in the war on Christmas.

US: Christians urged to boycott retailers banning ‘Christmas’

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