Atheist Christmas Cards

atheistChristmas The Order of St. Nick’s has a series of Atheist and secular Christmas cards for sale. It is sure to please like minded people, offend fundamentalists and show the majority of Christians that you don’t get it; evolution is not evidence against the existence of God or the incarnation.

Go ahead and send me one. I’ll prop it up with the others beside the manger. And I’ll try to remember not to send you a card with a cute little picture of angels watching over the baby Jesus.

What is wrong with the nice and appropriate card with simple wishes for peace on earth or best wishes for the coming year?

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One Response to Atheist Christmas Cards

  1. morsec0de says:

    Even being an atheist, I have to agree with you. While I like their pictures, particularly the one of a monkey wearing a Santa hat, I’d only get them if they were blank inside.

    Greeting cards are not the place to introduce religious debate.

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