Josephus on the Essenes

josephus_sm Interesting article in Biblical Archaeology Review:

Josephus’s commentaries on the laws and characteristics of the Essene community have been invaluable to scholars studying ancient Jewish laws and customs. They have also been the subject of much debate, particularly as they pertain to the Dead Sea Scrolls. Researchers have relied heavily on Josephus’s works as they try to determine who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls, who inhabited Qumran, and whether or not the authors of the scrolls and the community at Qumran were in fact one and the same.

full article at Josephus on the Essenes – Biblical Archaeology Review

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One Response to Josephus on the Essenes

  1. Last week i saw the new “Complete Works of Josephus.” Claims to have 6 books in 1 – Antiquities of the Jews, History of the Jewish Wars, parts 1 & 2, Josephus against Apion, Life of Josephus and 3 Dissertations on Christ, Abraham, John the Baptist and James the Just. Looks like a good read.

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