Obama Election Shows Deep Racial Divide in Church

Rachel Zoll of the Associated Press via the Washington Post:

NEW YORK — The barrier-crossing election of Barack Obama did little to bridge the deep racial divide in American churches. In fact, some clergy say it has only served to underscore their differences.

While nonwhite Christians voted overwhelmingly for Obama, most white Christians backed John McCain, according to exit polls. Several black clergy said that criticism of Obama by some white Christians over his religious beliefs and support for abortion rights crossed the line, hurting longtime efforts to reconcile their communities.

“I think in the eagerness to protect the right to life issues, there were some things said, not about that issue, that were not always fair and that were insensitive that need to be rethought,” said Bishop T.D. Jakes, a prominent African-American pastor and founder of The Potter’s House, a theologically conservative megachurch in Dallas. “I would love to see black and white Christians find common ground, and a deeper understanding of each other’s needs.”

Obama Election Shows Deep Racial Divide in Church – washingtonpost.com.

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One Response to Obama Election Shows Deep Racial Divide in Church

  1. shenonymous says:

    It is an interesting commentary that “most white Christians did not vote for Obama. It seems to me that if that is true, it highlights the hue of un-Christian values. That reduces to taking what appears to be truth and bend it to the ‘color’ desired. I think the question of unifying Christians is a deflection from what true Christianity stands for and that a rethinking of the teachings of Jesus needs be engaged. The outcome of the election and the statistics of total number of votes shows the fact that other whites than white Christians overwhelmingly did vote for Obama and ignored color lines and other prejudices and replaced those with a reaction to realities of the American condition. White Christian elitists betray their basic edicts and offend not only their God but all other members of humanity.

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