Anger, Fear, and Racism at Palin Rally

From the Las Vegas Sun: I don’t know how to feel when watching this: anger, sadness, amazement. This video hurts. See Anger, Fear, and Racism Follow Palin Rally – Las Vegas Sun

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One Response to Anger, Fear, and Racism at Palin Rally

  1. efenz says:

    How did we get here? I know this video doesn’t represent the majority of the Republican party, just as the far left doesn’t represent most Democrats, but it frightens me nonetheless.

    What concerns me most is the messages being put out by the radical right that Obama is dangerous, that he is Muslim (which in itself is not a bad thing), that he allies himself with terrorists. I worry because, in the minds of some, this is an incitement to violence. I believe that John McCain and Sarah Palin have pushed this line of thinking too far and it has taken on a life of its own.

    Have we really made no progress is that past century, or are we in fact going backwards?

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