Violence Against Religion: Road Toward Freedom

Disturbing, perhaps. Intriguing, perhaps. Kourosh Ziabari writing a guest column in The Moderate Voice suggests:

In this brief debate, I have also nothing to bring to the table to agnostics, atheists, seculars or the others who believe that religion does not play any role in the daily life. Of course, they aren’t concerned about “the other world.” They’re not afraid of punishment as a consequence of their sins and unlawful acts. They don’t worry about a superior observer who witnesses all of their deeds, rarely preventing themselves from “wining and dining”.

Sometimes, you may begrudge those who live and commit liberally with no restrictions, feeling responsible to nobody but to their desires and wishes, not bothering to take part in prayers and rituals and apparently enjoying life.

This doesn’t mean that a religious believer is deprived of material joys, but he tries to live in a way pleasing to his God, with little regard for superficial entertainment. He is confident that whatever he does will be luxuriously rewarded someday — and somewhere.

Read it. Think about. I have a lot of problems with it but need more time to ponder it before commenting. Violence Against Religion: Road Toward Freedom (Guest Voice)

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