Christians urged to be good neighbors to Muslims

Christian Today reports:

Christian communities should improve their knowledge of Islam, be good neighbours to Muslims and bear witness to their faith in an appropriate manner, according to an international group of church leaders and experts on Christian-Muslim dialogue.

These were some of the recommendations put forward at an 18 to 20 October consultation aimed at developing an ecumenical Christian theological understanding of dialogue with Islam.

Convened by the World Council of Churches (WCC), the meeting gathered some fifty church leaders and experts on Christian-Muslim dialogue in Chavannes-de-Bogis, outside Geneva, Switzerland.

Participants acknowledged a history of “mixed” relationships between Christians and Muslims, with both positive and negative dimensions. On their part, Christians have seen Muslims both as friend and rival, neighbour and stranger.

Christian communities urged to be good neighbours to Muslims

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3 Responses to Christians urged to be good neighbors to Muslims

  1. Aldhis says:

    Why Christians URGED to be good neighbors to Muslims? Don’t we were thought to Love your Enemies? I think it’s only natural for real Christians to live harmony with their Muslim neighbors. No need to be urged at all.
    If we couldn’t live for what we belief as thought by Jesus, how could we dare to say that I’m His follower?

    Just a comment from Indonesia. My house just across the street from a mosque. But I never feel to be urged… instead witness the love of Christ and show what Jesus as our Saviour.

  2. Peter says:

    Aldhis, I too believe that we shouldn’t be urged to good neighbors to Muslims. The problem lies not in people like yourself, but in people that are ignorant to other religions and feel that all Muslims are like Bin Laden. We all know that isn’t the case, but if you go into some rural parts of the United States, for example, they believe that Christianity is the only religion and all others are “weird” or “bizarre” or even evil.

    I don’t think that people should be URGED to be good neighbors. I think we should be encouraged to learn about other religions and cultures. That will be the true test of mankind. I’m not sure everyone is up for that though. Part of me feels that people feel a sense of solidarity believing that they are the only right and other are inherently wrong.

  3. Aldhis says:

    Your feeling is not wrong, Peter. It’s true that ‘solidarity’ sometime mistakenly understood that they only need to have solidarity for their own group/religion.
    Here in Indonesia, we have to live with that kind of ‘solidarity’. Even that Indonesia was claimed as the largest moderate muslim country, I can’t ignore that there still extremist group.

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