We are all in the same darkness

William Murchison has an interesting review of Michael Novak’s “The Dark Night of Atheists and Believers in the Washington Times:  

Mr. Novak has taken on here a considerable chore, namely, pushing back, in a friendly spirit, against the secular presuppositions that rule so much of society. But which – here it gets interesting – seem ready to fade “at the end of the secularist age.” Entirely too many believe, one way or another, in God. Lacking “a regulative idea of truth,” or a desire to breed, or much else of a positive nature, the secularists seem “a fairly small minority in a sea of rising religious commitment.” Including the Muslim variety.

Mr. Novak himself would like to talk. The atheist philosopher Jurgen Habermas seems, by Mr. Novak’s standards, to be a wiling conversational partner. Perhaps others would come along. God knows.

However many choose to shake his outstretched hand, or to spurn it, Mr. Novak has written a genuinely useful book, notable for the unlikely combination of charity and intellectual toughness. In the reasoned defense of God and religion he won’t relent. (Did anyone expect otherwise?) Neither will he write off or dismiss with a wave of the hand those with whom he, and very conceivably God, disagree.

Washington Times – ‘We are all in the same darkness’

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