Sarah Palin’s Religion: not a Fundamentalist

 campbell2Susan Campbell writes the Hartford Courant:

Sarah Palin may be a lot of things, but she is not a fundamentalist Christian.

In fact, she is no more a fundamentalist than Barack Obama is a Muslim. The misinformation about both candidates (she’s evangelical, by way of Roman Catholicism and Pentecostalism; he’s a Congregationalist) has at its heart an ignorance that, like that fountain in the Sunday school song, runs deep and wide.

Understand that Palin will never be my candidate. I disagree with her on a woman’s right to choose, on marriage equality and on the sorry little wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, my list of reasons for not voting for her is so long that one hardly needs to bring religion into it. Still, she’s an evangelical, the tribe of Christians to which roughly 26 percent of Americans belong. A fundamentalist is a tiny, unique (roughly three-tenths of a percent) subgroup of that, and Palin doesn’t make the cut.

hat tip: Sarah Palin ain’t a fundie » GetReligion and cp GOD, CHRIST: QUESTIONS & FAITH: Quote for Today on Sarah Palin’s Religion

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One Response to Sarah Palin’s Religion: not a Fundamentalist

  1. I think those in the MSM and generic American society often fail to realize there are indeed differences between fundamentalists and evangelicals. The two words are often seen as being interchangeable – so the problem stems not from a misunderstanding of Palin’s personal faith, but a misunderstanding of Christianity in general, particularly modern American (non-Mainline) Protestantism.

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