Religulous: dishonest, tedious, simplistic, and only intermittently entertaining

Jeffrey Weiss in The Dallas Morning News blog space:

I didn’t much like Bill Maher’s new movie, Religulous. As I ranted here, I found it to be dishonest, tedious, simplistic, and only intermittently entertaining. But over on Beliefnet, Steve Waldman has launched a multi-post anti-Religulous crusade. He says that Maher and his associates lied to get into a Creation Museum. And used misleading tactics to get an interview with scientist Francis Collins. And that the film yanked a quote from John Adams entirely out of context.

Of the three I’m most offended by the third because it was so needless. Plenty of real quotes challenging the value of specific religion exist from several of the nation’s founders. No need to take a quote from Adams, who really was religious from anything I’ve read, and stand the meaning on its head. Not funny.

RELIGION Blog | The Dallas Morning News

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