Onward Christian Neocons: Thou Shall Not Regulate

ArchbishopThomasCranmerFor certainly, God intended that Rice Krispies should crackle and pop. Cranmer thinks so. In his blog, “Cranmer,” takes non-sequiturial metaphor to a new levels of “huh?”  that philosophers never imagined. He writes:

Remember avian influenza? The global pandemic which began somewhere in Asia, was spreading to Europe, reached the UK in Norfolk, and was supposed to be the greatest cataclysm since the black death which would claim millions of victims? It was an issue of national security: veterinary surgeons were urgently interviewed, doctors and hospitals were placed on emergency alert, governments were producing medical supplies for millions of people, and the outlook was , to say the least, bleak and depressing.

[…] Cranmer [=I] has  this feeling over the ‘credit crunch’. Yes, certainly there is some sort of global financial phenomenon going on. A few banks are collapsing, recession looms, house prices are falling, and governments are spewing out billions in bailouts just as they were mass producing Tamiflu (and where has all that been stashed?). Oh, and Iceland is bankrupt, but who really cares about a lump of volcanic rock with half the population of your average shire? Zimbabwe has been bankrupt for decades, yet the global economy has continued merrily rolling along.

We have been here before, and we recovered through application, effort, ingenuity and free enterprise which enabled economies to once again thrive and people to feel financially secure. And doubtless we shall be here again, for ‘boom and bust’ is as natural to capitalism as ‘snap, crackle and pop’ is to rice krispies. It is only when they are soaked and soggy that they lose their life and vibrancy; and it is only when capitalism is drenched in regulation and artificially controlled through state intervention that it ceases to function as God intended.

God intended? No! God really intended that Rice Krispies be combined with butter and marshmallow and cut into squares. Read Cranmer: Is the credit crunch the new bird flu?

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One Response to Onward Christian Neocons: Thou Shall Not Regulate

  1. Cranmer says:


    His Grace had forgotten that most excellent use of rice krispies, and he is most grateful to you for reminding him. But still they are not milk-sodden in the sense that they become an offence to the taste buds. The recipe to which you refer is therefore in accord with the natural law of rice krispie usage.

    Bless you.

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