California Gay Marriage Ban Picks Up Support

Joe Windish in the Moderate Voice:

Stephen H. Miller comments on a Survey USA poll [pdf]  finding that California voters now favor passage of Proposition 8 by a five-point margin, 47 percent to 42 percent:

One reason is the success of this anti-gay marriage ad showing San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom proclaiming same-sex marriage is here to stay “whether you like it or not.”

It’s not lost yet, but this is bad news, especially since the parallel Obama surge isn’t counteracting Prop 8’s growing support. It’s quite possible Obama will be the next president, but that all three anti-gay marriage state initiatives (California, Florida and Arizona) will pass. Given that LGBT activists have made the election of Obama their number 1 priority, with the lion’s share of the efforts aimed at getting out the vote, for Obama, and raising money, for Obama, a loss in California (especially, since it will roll back marriage equality) will be telling.

The swing (11 days prior found a five-point margin in favor of proposition 8 opponents) is attributed to young voters:

The only demographic group to significantly change their views during this period were younger voters — considered the hardest to poll and the most unpredictable voters — who now support the measure after previously opposing it…

“Polling on ballot measures in general is an inexact science, and polling on homosexuality in general is a tricky business. So, not too much should be made of the 5 points that separates ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ today,” concluded a summary of the results prepared by SurveyUSA.

Source: California Gay Marriage Ban Picks Up Support

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3 Responses to California Gay Marriage Ban Picks Up Support

  1. Ross Hillesheim says:

    I have been a CA resident my whole life (26 years) – I plan to vote Yes on Prop 8. I have found that as I have talked with people they feel the same way that I do about marriage (a man and a woman). If it is important to you, I encourage you to do the same and talk to people about Prop 8. You will be suprised about hw many people actually think the same way.

  2. Dave says:

    That’s true, Ross. There are a great many bigots in California who will want to revert to discrimination and inequality.

    Future generations will look back on this era with the same disgust we now feel when looking back on the pre-civil rights era.

    I find it totally surprising that there are so many “straight” couples in CA that are (quite evidently) so insecure in their marriage vows that they feel so threatened by marriage equality.

  3. Tom says:


    Can you explain to me the “bigotry” in having a persons own opinion. I am also interested in the discrimination and inequality you speak of.

    People have always had different looks at concerns and because opinions differ does not make others bigots, discriminators or that they are interested in inequality.

    I am very interested in, and have been studying, the opinions of others concerning this question of the re-definition of marriage.

    I also,as Ross does, support “YES” on prop 8. I try my very best to extend love, support and tolerance to all. This country was built upon the opportunity to disagree and still be able to talk and work together.

    I have also found it difficult to see this through the “civil rights” view and would appreciate a good explanation of this. How is this a civil right, I guess is my question? And what definition of the words are being used.

    No matter what happens we are all going to have to live together after November 4 and I certainly hope we can all continue to work together for what, hopefully, will be best.

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