Sarah Palins Do-Over

Bruce Tomaso in the Religion Blog of the Dallas Morning News:

Given a do-over by those friendly fellows at Fox News (and a few days to prepare), Sarah Palin was able this morning to answer some of the questions that froze her in her tracks when they were first put to her earlier by Katie Couric of CBS News.

Palin ticked off three Supreme Court rulings with which she disagrees. (Three more than she could list for Couric). She said she regularly reads The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist and other newspapers and magazines. (Again, when Couric asked, Palin came up with bupkis.)

Palin offered an explanation for why, in the Couric interviews, she turned in what surely ranks as one of the worst performances ever by a public official on camera:

She was “a little bit annoyed” at Couric for not asking the right questions. “It’s like, man, no matter what you say, you’re gonna get clobbered.”

RELIGION Blog | The Dallas Morning News

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