Religulous is ridiculous

Brett McCracken in Christianity Today:

Honestly, it’s not the hardest thing in the world to make a religion look silly when you only focus on the kitschiest, most grimace-inducing practitioners of it. Sure, we have to own up to these unfortunate (but fortunately fringe) elements within our ranks, but Maher shores up little credibility for his cause by refusing to talk with any opponent with an ounce of nuance of theological rigor.

He concludes:

Religulous is best seen as a comedy (and there are many funny moments) and not as a serious or measured examination of anything. It’s a movie meant to make religious people look stupid, to “prove” that religious belief and intelligence are mutually exclusive. If you are already prone to believe that, then this movie is for you. For everyone else, Religulous is a trifling and shoddy tirade that, ultimately, is not much of a threat.

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