Phony Populism of Sarah Palin

Rod Dreher, the  Crunchy Con[servative] over at Beliefnet:

[Peggy] Noonan seems to think that Palin’s populism is authentic, and I suspect she’s right — but only populism as a matter of style. Noonan talks in her column about how extraordinarily serious the present moment is for our country — unprecedented, even — but I don’t see how she squares that observation with giving Palin a pass for her upbeat performance. As I said below, I thought Palin really suffered by comparison to Biden in discussing foreign policy. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about, and while she avoided gibbering, I found her reliance on talking points, and accusing Biden of counseling “surrender,” to be more than a little maddening.

A friend writes this morning that he can’t believe after watching Palin last night flail on foreign policy, that I still have doubts as to whether she’s capable of governing. Her foreign policy mediocrity is even more important, he points out:

And this is crucial because in domestic policy, the President governs collaboratively with Congress whereas in foreign policy the Executive Branch is largely a law unto itself.

Yeah. It is very, very hard for me to imagine Sarah Palin having the temperament and conceptual understanding to deal with a complex foreign policy crisis. Again, I don’t think she’s dumb. But I am nearly certain that given the very dangerous waters into which the ship of state is sailing, she is incapable of being a reliable captain if it came to that. Nearly.

See the full posting at Noonan on Palin and phony populism – Crunchy Con

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