Inspiration from Mad Priest: Success and Freedom

THIS IS A MUST READ, AN OUTSTANDING PERSPECTIVE: Elizabeth Kaeton writes in Telling Secrets

Anxiety. It’s hard not to notice. It’s everywhere.

I have been walking around with this cartoon image of the men in my community, their mouths moving with jovial banter while little balloons hang in the air above their heads filled with emissions of noxious fumes, all labeled “ANXIETY”.

You can hear it in hushed conversations in the grocery store, at the supermarket, in the parking lot. I just returned from the gym and I heard it in the hallways.

But, it’s what I see in the eyes of some of the men in my community that is really troubling.

Some readers of this blog will recall that I live in what many here lovingly refer to as “Republicanville.” In many ways, this town is a “bedroom community” for New York. Many of the men and women in my community of faith work on Wall Street or in businesses that are connected to Wall Street.

Yes, that describes exactly where I live in Bronxville, New York. It is real; very real. And being retired and dependent on investments I am one of those people with that anxiety. Read the entire posting. Telling Secrets: Success and Freedom: Inspiration from MadPriest

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