British priest likened Australian Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen to Adolf Hitler

GaydarNation reports:

An openly gay British priest has likened Sydney Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen to Adolf Hitler because of his strong opposition to gay clergy and same-sex marriages.

The Rev. Martin Reynolds also said that Jensen’s anti-gay views were the “last vestige of evil in modern society”.

Reynolds told Australia’s ABC radio that, “Whenever a single group is singled out like [homosexual people] have been for this type of opprobrium and hatred, it`s nothing short of the evil that went on in the `30s.

“Everybody thinks that their prejudice is OK. I`m sure Hitler thought that his prejudice against the Jews and everyone was OK.

“In fact, the church in the `30s said very little because the church, after all, had been persecuting Jews and other people for centuries.
“This is really the last vestige of evil left in our society.”

In response to the claims, Archbishop Jensen said that things were being said which might be regretted later.

“I don`t think the situation is helped by labelling people fascists or likening then to Hitler, however much injustice they may have suffered,” he said.

He said there had without doubt been injustices done in the church over the years but not in regard to the issues of gay priests and same sex marriages.

“It`s not a matter of homosexuality as such being condemned, it`s the practice of sexual relations by homosexual people or heterosexual people outside the rules that God had laid down.

“You have to search your own conscience and see whether what you`re saying comes from evil, comes from false motives or from fascism,” he said.


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