Church Weddings in England

Bishop Alan has a good piece on this on his blog:

It was good to see a write up of our recent Bucks clergy day put on by the weddings project in the Church Times, and an account of the experience on Tim Norwood’s blog. Professional market research in Bradford and Buckinghamshire revealed various facts we probably all suspected, but would do well to remember. It turns out that 75% of people think a church is the best place to get married, but they don’t do it, because they feel they don’t qualify, or would feel hypocritical. As the rules ease up on residence, some interesting facts emerged:

It would seem logical that if about 75% of people think that church is the best place to get married than about 75% of people should qualify, plain and simple. Who knows, maybe they would go to church sometimes. Bishop Alan’s Blog: Church Weddings: a whole lotta love?

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