In England New Law Relaxes Church of England Weddings

Americans will have a hard time understanding this: Reuters reports:

A new British law making it easier for couples to get married in Anglican churches comes into force on Wednesday.

Previously, couples could only get married in a church if they worshipped there regularly, lived in the parish or applied for a special license.

Under the new rules, called the “Church of England Marriage Measure,” couples can choose to get married in a place with a special connection for themselves or their families.

“Getting married in church just got easier,” said Stephen Cottrell, the Bishop of Reading, saying it had been difficult for people in the past.

“People who are serious about getting married naturally want a marriage ceremony and a setting which is equally serious.”

The Church said that a recent survey had shown that more people would choose a church wedding if they could have one, with 53 percent of the public believing such marriages “feel more proper.”

But why stop here if you want people to get married in church? Church of England law relaxes wedding rules – Yahoo! News

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